Why your company needs a Content Creator.

Content takes many forms. A blog post, infographic, video, tweet, advertisement, case study and everything in between. Looking to dive right into creating media for your digital and print channels but not sure what tools to use or where to start? 

We’ve assembled this guide to help kick-start your creative powers. Increase your knowledge and buckle down on your workflow and media output right from the start with these helpful content creating links & tips.

Without any social media accounts or an up to date website to direct possible leads, its likely your business is being overlooked. Reach potential customers in every corner of the internet with a dedicated employee outputting high quality creative content. Welcome to the first lesson helping you with tools/research already compiled and ready when you are.

Don't underestimate the power of content creation.

1. Content is the soul of your brand.
2. Content will connect you with your audience.
3. Content is a free road to increasing your traffic.
4. Content can guide your website visitors.

What is a Content Creator?

A content creator generates all types of multimedia for your business. They can help your brand improve the visibility of your online presence so you can get more business, leads, clicks, clients and make more money. They take your business’s ideas and turn them into valuable media including but not limited to info-graphics, blog posts, web design, videography and photography. When a content creator is used on a regular basis they can forge great content in all forms. They know how to do it properly and effectively. They optimize all media for SEO and help drive traffic to your sites and social media.

Smart Mirror running Rainmeter on an Intel Compute Stick.

Building Quality Content Checklist

 1. Create content users are searching for.

2. Be sure its well written.

3. Follow proper SEO Guidelines.

4. Be a resource and solve problems with your content.

5. Build it with easy to navigate/digest ( headings, subtitles, bolding, images video aides) and well structured.

6. Call to action in every post.

7. Do the research on your target market.


What is Metadata and why do I need it?

Think of metadata as an invisible communication between your site and search engines.

Metadata is data that describes other data. Meta is a prefix that in most information technology usages means ” an underlying definition or description.”

Metadata is used for images, videos, spreadsheets and web pages. When using metadata for web pages it can be of the utmost importance. They contain descriptions of the pages contents and important keywords linked directly to the

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Rivereast Custom Cabinets Casework in Fleetwood’s Tap Room at Hensville

Facebook cover photo for Erie Orchards and Cider Mill, Erie MI.

Helpful Links For Studying

Read, Research and Implement


Content Creation Do's and Don'ts


  • Identify a meaningful problem or shortcoming that seems to be frustrating your potential customers. Think outside the box research.
  • After completing distinguished pieces of work deliver it via newsletter or cold emails recipients ( link creators ) for free and with no expectations. 
  • Let your content speak for itself. It will be proof of your professionalism, skills and genuine passion/interest in helping your company or recipient achieve goals. 
  • Grow your content to be seen and heard on social media by exporting VALUABLE content of a regular basis.
  • 80/20 Rule. 80% entertainment, 20% about company, products or services.
  • Be consistent. Use a theme. Establish your brand. Keep consistency across your website and other social media platforms.


  • Post quantity over quality
  • Upload for the sake of posting
  • Beg for followers or engagement
  • Over-edit or use unnatural filters
  • Make every post the same

Thanks For Reading

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Being a parent and making time for productivity can be quite the challenge. Especially when bringing a new little one home. Any other working parents out there have helpful tips for work/life balance and your content creating addiction?


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