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The latest in sensory communications such as scented printing, custom collateral, variable direct mail, literature fulfillment and more to help our customers round out their marketing strategy and make an impact.

What is Rub4Scent?

Not to be confused with scratch-and-sniff, Rub4Scent technology is an added layer to the printed product that contains encapsulated scented oils. These oils are then released by rubbing the surface of the print.

Did you know?


  • Rub4Scent can be added to any coated stock.
  • Rubbing the scent will effectively release the aroma more than scratching the surface.
  • The amount of scent and its intensity is determined by the size of the scented area and the amount of rubbing. The larger the scented area and multiple rubs, will yield stronger aroma.
  • Rub4Scent can last many years! Unlike traditional gelatin based encapsulation products (ie: Scratch’n’Sniff).


Scented Invitation Categories

Save The Date
Save The Date
Birthday Party
Birthday Party
Graduation Party
Graduation Party
Wedding Shower
Wedding Shower
Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Scented Printing with Homewood Press


Especially children’s books. Children love to interact with anything that is put in their hands. They will have a blast with a book they get to sniff!

If not a book, what about a scented bookmark?


Such as teaching children the scent of natural gas – training police dogs how to find marijuana – and training the military on what different chemical bombs smell like.

Marketing Material

Scented printing can link your marketing material to a whole new level. Our brains have a direct connection with our olfactory sense, which means it has the strongest connection with what we smell. Scent can help your company stand out against the competition, because customers will be more prone to remembering your message over anothers.


It is simply a great way to make your project fun. It will help you and your company interact with your customers, get conversations flowing and create stronger relationships.



Meet The Homewood Press Team


Scott Dubuc


Emily Dubuc


Kyrsten Dubuc


Why Homewood Press should handle all your printing.

“(You) should print with us because we have the knowledge and experience to make your idea become something real. We’ve been around for 85+ years and we’ve seen how demands have changed as well as what it takes to get a project completed to perfection. Our knowledgeable and creative staff walk you through the process the entire way, whether you are just in your design stage or you have questions on how it should be packaged properly. Your success is our success!”

The WHO & WHY We Love What We Do


First above all is working with family (some actual and some are what feel like family) because, for me, it creates an easy working environment. Since we have such a small group, it’s a pretty flat organization so when there is an issue that needs to be handled, I can pretty much go to anyone to get the help I need. I also love being able to come into work not knowing what the day-to-day routine is going to be, every day is different.


I enjoy the different challenges of the types of printing we do for our customers. It allows us to think creatively to come up with the best solution for the client but also challenges us internally to exceed their expectations…it involves a lot of creative thinking. The end results are the most rewarding part of the job for me as well.


I like that we are able to work with computers and our hands. Putting proofs together and making mock-ups are fun to do, however, we also are able to do things with our computers that help with designing and laying out jobs for our presses. We are able to be creative and open-minded when it comes to helping the client out with questions they may have and it’s nice to know that there is still some “art” left in commercial printing.

Where is Homewood Press located?

400 E. State Line Rd Toledo, OH 43612
(419) 478-0695


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